Our commitment to you


When you buy a Shanly home, you can be confident that you are buying a home of excellent build quality and exquisite design.


Since the development of our first home in 1969, we have remained committed to developing high-specification, sustainable, architecturally innovative homes, designed to complement the local environment and improve the quality of life for those who live there.

Our award-winning team of professionals take great pride in building stunning homes in desirable locations, enhancing landscapes and building communities across London and the South East. All our new homes benefit from an industry recognised 10-year insurance backed guarantee.



Our commitment to creating the best possible living environment does not stop at the design and build of our homes. We also place a great deal of emphasis on the wider environment.


We appreciate the importance of green space and will always look to enhance the natural environment through beautiful landscaping design and the preservation of protected areas.


For every apartment we build, we plant 10 native trees, and for every house, we plant 20. The trees are planted in some of the Woodland Trust’s 1,000 woods and we are proud to support them in their mission to double the amount of native woodland covering the UK. From the procurement of energy efficient and sustainable materials to the use of thermal efficient methods of build and effective disposal of waste, our team works hard to ensure that we minimise the environmental impact of our operations without compromising on quality. Our recent partnership with the National Community Wood Recycling Project is also enabling us to further reduce our landfill usage and increase the volume of waste being re-used, re-sold or recycled.


We are also committed to making life easier for the wildlife living within our natural habitats so we fit bird boxes in the gardens and communal areas of all our homes and provide ongoing financial support to Freshwater Habitats Trust which aims to protect and preserve freshwater life for everyone to enjoy.


We also pay for a year-long RSPB subscription for our new homes customers which enables them to visit any RSPB centre in the UK free-of-charge plus receive newsletters and updates from the RSPB.




As well as building communities, we are also extremely proud to support those most in need within those communities via the Shanly Foundation. Financed entirely by the profits generated by the Shanly Group of companies, we have to-date donated over £13m to support hundreds of local community groups and charitable organisations each year to provide financial assistance and improve the quality of life for those most in need across our communities.